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StockWorld terms of materials use

Terms and conditions of reprint and other materials use of StockWorld.com.ua

The violation of these terms are the violations of copyright with all the consequences.

1. Any use of the materials of the portal StockWorld.com.ua (hereinafter - the Web Portal) is allowed under the following conditions.

2. Full or partial reprint (publication) of the materials on other public information resources on the Internet is free of charge, but only with hyperlink to StockWorld.com.ua.

At the same time, editorial staff reserves the right to prohibit for certain Internet resources (in written form) the republication of their material without explanation of reasons.

Use of materials are any reproduction, publication, distribution, translation, broadcasting, cable communication, processing and other ways of usage determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.

3. Ability to use the materials of Web Portal on the official sites of companies, advertising sites, print media, radio and TV, in the e-mail, RSS or SMS, web sites/resources with limited access, various databases are considering individually and may require a written agreement on the use of Web Portal’s materials.

4. To get the permission to use materials from the Web Portal you can request editorial staff.

5. Any use of the materials of the Web Portal (both paid or free, with written contract or without it) necessarily requires keeping the following conditions:

5.1. The name (or nickname) of the author and title of the material, if they are given in the original material.

5.2. Identity of the source of borrowing (Web Portal StockWorld.com.ua, but not the source, which reprinted its materials) with the text hyperlinks to the direct web address of the original material on the Web Portal (but not to the web address of the main page of StockWorld.com.ua).

Printed media may publish only text link to the Web Portal of StockWorld.com.ua. Font size of links or hyperlinks should not be less than the font size of the user’s text. Using materials from the Web Portal on the radio and other audio broadcasting requires sounding a link to StockWorld.com.ua as a source of information. Such a link cannot be lower than the main audio material. The link/hyperlink must be placed immediately before or after the material or in the material.

5.3. The compliance with the reproduction accuracy. Abbreviationsigns and the changes which do not distort the original meaning of the text are permitted. Any otherchanges, twistingthe meaning ofthe materials and similar changes are prohibited.

6. Any automatedinformation extractions from the Web Portalby any tools without official permission are prohibited.

7. Any commercial use ofmaterials, texts orfragments without the writtenpermission of Web Portal’s administration is prohibited.

8. Web Portal editorial staff can revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes take effect after a publication of thenews reportabout iton the Web Portal.

9. The violation ofany conditions of these Terms are the violations of the copyrightof the Web Portal and can lead a liability according to the civil (article 431 of the Civil Code, article 52 of the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights"), administrative (article 512 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses) and criminal law (article 176 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Web Portal’s administration can defend its rightsby filingcomplaints withthe police andclaimsin thecourts in a case of violationtheir rightsby third persons or organizations.

To use borrowed by Web Portal materials from other sources (electronic publications, news agencies, websites, media, photo banks, etc.) you should request the permission of this media.