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In this Section we describe our products. All we create and work on.

StockWorld.com.ua proposes a wide range of communication services aimed at increase of openness, publicness and growth of partners’ media activity. As a part of information cooperation, StockWorld.com.ua may propose you a range of unique information products and analytics, since StockWorld is not only stock market news but also analytics and statistics, stock exchange quotes and information on issuers, journalist investigations and publicity, education materials, etc.

You may, particularly, be interested in such types of exclusive information products:


- Primarily of informative nature – about any important events related to company’s activity, achievements and results;

- Related to “products” – about different company’s offers to its clients, promotion of new services.


- Macro-content – about market state in general, preconditions, trends and prognosis;

- Issue-related – about concrete profile, market segment (e.g. development of CIS sector) or very important event (e.g. comment, assessment of introduced innovations, adoption of legislation, etc.)

- Personified – with company’s speaker – on life style, interests and hobbies, or typical working day, life rules, and success story.

Analytical articles:

- Journalist investigations – expanded materials on different issues, observation of course of events, revision and confirmation of facts, comments of participants and experts, evaluation of prehistory, etc;

- “Marketing” texts – publications dedicated to research of trends and facts featuring the market, analysis of situation, opinions of market participants concerning the issue including relevant conclusions;

- Articles on separate companies – a kind of “Company success history” (creation, development, rollout, memories of stakeholders, chronicles, etc ) or “How to do business with…” – about internal arrangements, traditions, specificity and even daily round business.

- Events and announcements – preparation and publication of announcements on forthcoming events – lectures, workshops, master classes, conferences, summits, etc.


- Shooting and broadcasting of interviews with and opinions of company’s speakers – broad, survey, theme-based, subject-oriented;

- Shooting and broadcasting of market outlooks prepared by company’s experts;

- Preparation and broadcasting of joint programs with a company – real co-operative work, selection of actual themes, invitation of experts, branding, etc.

- “Recommendation” – top figures of the company advise books, films, and other interesting things relating the stock market.

Organization and realization of special projects on stock market:

- Preparation of joint securities market segments reviews (e.g. “Ukrainian stock exchanges” or “CISs in Ukraine” in cooperation of company’s and portal’s experts);

- Collection of information on specific stock market sector and preparation of different ratings, rankings and Top-materials basing on the collected information (e.g. rating of transparency, information openness, profitability, assets volume and other criteria);

- Preparation of joint business segments reviews (e.g. review of agriculture, metallurgy, construction, etc).

“Company profile”

As a fact the given service is a semi automated individual page on web site StockWorld with additional available functions:

- company profile branding, possibility to add logo and elements of corporate style;

- unlimited space for company’s press-releases. You might agree that information on your activity is important for your readers. All press-releases will be added to the company profile and the reader could easily track the key events from your company activities;

- 4 advertising articles which are published on the portal and posted on the main page where our numerous readers could read your article;

- possibility to add new chapters where you can post any texts, download photos, PDF files which will be shown in company profile (e.g. corporate documents, price lists, etc.);

Banner advertisements

Target audience of the portal: Top managers of companies, officers of financial and legal departments of big enterprises in Ukraine (securities issuers) from different sectors of economy, professional stock market participants, financial experts, analytics, auditors and appraisers.

As for today, web site traffic is more than 40 000 unique users in a moth who watch more than 106 000 pages.

Analytic products

StockWorld.com.ua can propose to all the users its analytic products which are based on reliable and public information and described below. You might be interested in the following products:

- Information profile of Ukrainian public companies (securities issuers);

- Analytics to form successful (profitable) companies (issuers of Ukraine);

- Forming the list of Ukrainian companies with foreign investments;

- Searching for capital in countries with preferential or zero tax treatment;

- Forming the list of companies which pay dividends to the securities holders;

- Analysis of individual company (Ukrainian securities issuer) securities quotes on stock exchanges;

- Forming of the Top Ukrainian companies lists for each sector or type of activity;

- Forming the list of insurance companies (leaders) in Ukraine;

- Forming the list of audit companies (leaders) servicing securities issuers in Ukraine;

- Forming the list of depositary organizations (leaders) servicing securities issuers in Ukraine;

- Forming the list of securities issuers in Ukraine where the company of interest is an owner;

- Analysis of asset management companies’ activities. Changes in net assets value of investment fund. List of investments in securities and relevant changes.  

Given list of products and services could vary and widen, and we are for the flexible approach to achieve common goals! 

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate and contact us by e-mail: sw@stockworld.com.ua or tel: +38063 50-54-404.