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25.09.2018 | 14:26

Ukraine to pay USD 3.3 billion in external debts by the end of 2018

Ministry of Finance: by the end of the year, Ukraine shall to redeem USD 3.3 billion in external debt

By the end of 2018, Ukraine shall pay out UAH 91.34 billion or USD 3.25 billion (at the NBU's rate) in external debts. 

It was reported by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. 

It includes payment of external debt to the amount of UAH 49.86 billion or USD 1.8 billion and debts servicing amount of UAH 41.48 billion or USD 1.5 billion. 

In 2019, Ukraine shall pay UAH 165.3 billion or USD 5.88 billion (at the NBU's rate), and in 2020 - UAH 169.88 billion or USD 6.04 billion (at the NBU's rate) in external debts.

Total public debt (direct and state-secured) of Ukraine reduced by 1.14% or USD 0.86 billion to USD 74.85 billion (as at August 31) compared with the previous month.

Direct external debt increased in USD 0.35 billion to USD 37.87 billion, while direct domestic debt increased in UAH 12.37 billion to UAH 759.06 billion (and in US dollar equivalent reduced to USD 26.84 billion).

References in the article: ministry of finance, external debt, public debt, debt
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