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04.10.2018 | 10:57

Trading volume on Perspektiva reduced in September

Trading volume on Perspektiva, stock exchange, amounted to UAH 10.7 billion in September

In September, trading volume on Perspektiva (Dnipro), stock exchange, was UAH 10.7 billion compared with UAH 15.97 billion in the previous month. 

It was reported by the stock exchange. 

Over September, 741 contracts to the total amount of UAH 10.7 billion were concluded on Perspektiva. From the beginning of the year, 5493 contracts to the total amount of UAH 97.4 billion have been concluded on the stock exchange. 

Operational data of the stock exchanges' web sites for 9 months of 2018 shows that Perspektiva was the first in terms of trading volume (49% of total exchange turnover), the second was PFTS (41%), the third was UX (10%) over 9 months of 2018. 

Market share of Perspektiva (breakdown by financial instruments) was as follows: in September 2018, 44% - domestic government bonds, 47% - corporate bonds, 100% - option certificates; in January-September 2018, 49% - domestic government bonds, 49% - corporate bonds, 100% - option certificates. 

The greatest trading volume was recorded with government bonds (96.27%), share of corporate bonds was 2.62%, option certificates - 1.06% in September. 

At that, 35.12% of trades were conducted on REPO market, 64.73% - quote-driven market, 0.14% - placement market, 0.01% - auction market. 

As on September 30, number of securities and other financial instruments admitted to trading was 485. 

226 of them - 1st tier of listing, 3- 2nd tier of listing. 

Structure (breakdown by financial instruments type): 236 Series of DGBs (1st tier), 82 series of corporate bonds (3-2nd tier), 1 government derivative, 97 shares issues and 10 issues of CIF shares, 32 series of invetsment certificates, 23 series of option certificates and 14 series of futures contracts. 

Over September, contracts on Perspektiva were concluded with 60 financial instruments, 108 - over Q3, 159 - from the beginning of 2018. 

References in the article: stock exchange, trading volume, perspektiva
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