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06.03.2017 | 10:49

Court can't decide on Nasirov

The court couldn't decide which pre-trial restraint to impose on Head of SFS.

On March 4-5, the court couldn't decide on pre-trial restraint for dismissed head of the State Fiscal Srvice Roman Nasirov and adjourned the meeting to March 6. 

Nasirov voluntary agreed to be kept under 24-7 surveillance by officers of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) and Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Office (SAPO). He promised to appear in the court on March 6. 

The relevant statement from Nasirov was read by his attorney Oleksandr Lysak. 

"I voluntary agree for temporary restriction of my rights and give right for 24-7 surveillance over me in the hospital and at the home by SAPO and NABU up to the decision made by the investigative judge" the statement says. 

The statement also indicates that the Haed of SFS promisses to cooperate and stay in Ukraine during the investigation. 

Moreover, Nasirov said his illness isn't fake. 

On March 4-5, the court couldn't decide on pre-trial restraint for Nasirov and adjourned the meeting to March 6. On March 2, the NABU arrested Nasirov in the Feofania hospital. The Solominskyi District Court couldn't decide on pre-trial restraint within 72 hours. 

Nasirov's defence declared that his retantion period expired and he was discharge from custody. 

"Roman Nasirov remains in the court. The court meeting shall be held today. And we will insist to conduct hearing here (Solominskyi District Court). We have no other choice... He stays here, so the case shall be considered here also... We will officially apply to consider the case in this court," the attorney of Nasirov told to journalists. 

According to the attorney, time of meeting is still not defined. "Such information shall be announced by the press secretary of the court by phone," the attorney of Nasirov informed. 

References in the article: arrest, court, roman nasirov, state fiscal service
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