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10.09.2018 | 12:18

Shadi Saad became Head of Depository System Participants Council

NDU's Depository System Participants Council elected Shadi Saad as the Council Head

On September 6, the National Depository's Participants Council elected Shadi Saad as its Head. 
It was reported by the NDU. 

Shadi Saad was elected for two years. 

He isn't the NDU's shareholder, Previously, he didn't hold the executive posts. 

Recall, in August, 14 persons were selected to the National Depository's Council of Depository System Participants. 

The following representatives of depository institutions were selected to the Council: Bohdana Yefremova (Raiffeisen Bank Aval), Olesya Pyatchanina (Citibank), Ihor Nosovitskyi (Dekra, financial company), Vit aBurlachenko (FUIB), Yurii Penyaskin (Investment Capital of Ukraine, LLC) Zoya Grekhova (Altana Capital), and Kostyntyn Shevchuk (Kub, financial company).

The following representatives of issuers (non-depository institutions) as well as AMC were selected to the Council: Aleksandr Storozhuk (Universam-2, PrJSC), Shadi Saad (Bakhmach Beet Receiving Enterprise, PrJSC), Serhii Rumpa (Dnipro Coking Plant), Bohdan Lupiy (PFTS, stock exchange), Yuriy Boyko (Garant Capital, CNDCIF), Yevguen Krut (DTEK Kyiv Power Line), and Serhii Biriuk (M-Invest).  

Individuals could be nominated to the Council and assigned with the voting rights if they have labor or any other contractual relations (one representative from one legal entity) with the nominating depository institution which are serviced by the Central Depository.  

Individuals participating in other bodies of the CSD (except for the National Bank) can't become members of the Council. 

References in the article: shadi saad, ndu, participants, council, national depository
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