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19.12.2016 | 15:51

Pioglobal under suspect

Pioglobal is suspected in fraud.

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) pays attention of the holders of securities accounted in depository institution PIOGLOBAL CAPITAL LLC. It's stated in the regulator's announcement. 
The announcement states that the regulator received a letter from the issuer with a request to suspend trading with bonds serviced by the depository institution PIOGLOBAL CAPITAL LLC due to suspect in fraudulent actions.
In the letter the issuer notes the depository institutions and individuals which has no rights to bonds appeared in the list of registered securities owners as on 28.11.2016. The informer states that the authorized persons of bond holder didn't conclude any contracts to dispose securities and conducted any actions to change the owner to securities. 
Circulation of given issuer's securities was suspended to protect investor's rights. 
"Holders of securities accounted by depository institution PIOGLOBAL CAPITAL LLC and which didn't open accounts in other depository institutions by themselves are called to apply to Control and Legal Work Department of NSSMC in order to verify security of their ownership rights," the Commission informs. 
Also the authority calls to transfer securities more actively from depository institutions which lost their licenses in order to prevent fraudulent or any other illegal actions. 
For you information, the Commission cancelled the license to perform depository activities of PIOGLOBAL CAPITAL LLC as on 09.06.2016. 

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