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25.07.2018 | 10:15

Finance Ministry increases USD DGB rate

Finance Ministry has increased the rate on DGB in dollars up to 5.4% for 7 months bonds and 5.55% for 15 months bonds.

During the initial auctions, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine agreed to increase the placement rate for 7 months government bonds in USD to 5.4% and for 15 months bonds - to 5.55%. Meanwhile, one-two months ago, rates were 5.2% and 5.4% respectively at the previous similar auctions. 

The Ministry reports that it also agreed to place short-term 5 months securities in dollars at 5.2%. It ensured to raise USD 71.51 million. 

The Ministry of Finance refused 4 of 15 purchase bids for 5 months DGB at 5.5% per annum, 4 of 18 bids to purchase 7 months bonds at 5.65% and all 8 bids to buy 1.5 year bonds that were sold at 6% despite the rate was 5.62% two months ago. 

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance raised EUR 60.5 million at 4.2%, and rejected 1 of 7 bids to buy at 4.5%. 

The seller received all 19 bids to buy the most short 70 days bonds in hryvnya at 18% and 3 applications to purchase 2 years bonds at 16.8% that let the Ministry to attract UAH 1.15 billion and UAH 0.06 billion respectively. 


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