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12.05.2016 | 11:00
Did you know

"Ukrtelecom" - alpha and omega of Ukrainian communications segment

Photo: appletelecom.kz
Photo: appletelecom.kz

The history of the largest fixed-line operator in Ukraine.

..According to our conservative estimates, "Ukrtelecom" is an enterprise that can be attributed to the most "blueish" among the few domestic blue chips: it shows profit and reveals reporting, and indeed it is "popular" now. It employs about 40 thousand people. Today, StockWorld.com.ua tells about it as a company, and as an issuer.

Back to the well

"Ukrtelecom" is Ukraine's first mobile operator that has received permission to provide communication services by 3G-UMTS standard.

"Ukrtelecom" is the most "blueish" among the few domestic blue chips.

Today's "Ukrtelecom" was registered in 1993 as "Ukrelektrosvyaz", and only a year later, in 1994, the company acquired its present name. 1998 marks the milestone in reorganization into state enterprise, and in 2000, after corporatisation process, the association was reorganized into OJSC.

"Jack of all trades"

"Ukrtelecom" is operating on the whole territory of Ukraine and provides almost all types of telecommunication services (international, long distance, local communication, Internet services, data transmission services; permanent IP connection on a specific line, video conferencing and other advanced telecommunication services).

In addition, in 2005, "Ukrtelecom" was qualified for providing mobile services using UMTS / WCDMA standard. Maybe, not so many people use "Ukrtelecom" mobile operator services, however, by providing mobile Internet services this company is in the lead.

Used time profitably

The 2000s were marked by capital investments to the company.

The 2000s were successful for the enterprise. These were years of growth and investment. As a result, for the telecommunications infrastructure development plan implementation "Ukrtelecom" received about 702 million USD capital investment. This made putting into operation of fixed assets additionally 601 million UAH possible. Consequently, 818 km of fiber-optic connected lines have been built and put into use for almost 139.000 telephone numbers.

It paid off - to the end of the first half of 2010 profit of the company was 48 million USD. At the end of last year the company showed twicely exceeded profit. 

Joint-stock transformation

June 14, 2011, the General Meeting of of PJSC "Ukrtelecom" shareholders took place. During the meeting it was decided to change the name from open joint-stock company "Ukrtelecom" to the public joint stock company (PJSC "Ukrtelecom").

In 2013, PJSC "Ukrtelecom" became part of the SCM Group.

At the same 2011th changes in the composition of company's owners took place. "ESU" LLC, which is owned by the Austrian investment fund EPIC, bought 92.79% of "Ukrtelecom", and became  the majority shareholder.

On October 4, 2013, PJSC "Ukrtelecom" became part of the SCM Group. As a result of 100% share purchase UA TELECOMINVEST LIMITED (Cyprus), who controlled the corporate rights of "ESU" LLC, the largest Ukrainian financial-industrial group, became the majority shareholder of the company.

More about the process of ownership changes, as well as financial results, results of  "Ukrtelecom" securities trades can be found in the section "Company Profile" on StockWorld.com.ua.


Covering about 85% of international and long-distance communication services market, and about 70% of the local communication market, Ukrtelecom occupies leading position in Ukrainian telecom segment. Nowadays, more than one million Internet users and nearly 400 thousand subscribers use services of this company

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