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04.08.2016 | 12:00
Success stories

Toyota: success exists where it is striven after

Photo: http://avto.kazanfirst.ru/
Photo: http://avto.kazanfirst.ru/

Toyota success story - one of the most popular car brands in the world.

Today, Toyota Motor is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world: in 2007 - 2009 and from 2012-th to the present day. How this brand was created and developed? Who are the main owners of the company? How did it enter the stock market? Briefly about this - in our text.

Breaking the ice

In 1933 the company was engaged in textile industry. By efforts of the owner's eldest son Kiichiro Toyoda, the car department was establised. From that moment began the history of one of the leading automobile companies in the world. A start-up capital for the creation of first «Toyota» brand vehicles were the money raised from sale of patents for spinning machines to Platt Brothers company.

The first automobile was produced in 1935, and in the 1936-th the first cargo vehicle appeared. The same year first exports supplies began (four brand new trucks have been sent to China).

Rapid development

Already in 1937, the automobile department was transformed into an independent company, and officially named Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.

In 1962, Toyota celebrated its millionth vehicle release.

In 1950, Ohno (well-known Japanese engineer and entrepreneur) created a special system of production ("kamban"), thanks to which all the possible types of losses have been eliminated: losses of time, production facilities and materials. After 12 years, the system has been recognized by Toyota and has been implemented in the course of enterprise's working process. Playing a significant role in company's success, the idea has proved its effectiveness worldwide.

Thus, Toyota Publica was released in 1961. It was a small economy car, which quickly gained popularity, and in 1962, Toyota celebrated millionth vehicle release.

In 1982, Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Co., Ltd merged into Toyota Motor Corporation. During this period, the company launched Camry model for sale. At this point, Toyota has finally secured its place as one of the largest Japanese automakers, and won the third place of the world ranking in terms of production volumes.

1986 is marked by release of the company's 50 millionth car.

In 80-th a new brand - Lexus - a division of Toyota appeared on the market. If previously only cost-effective, small and low-cost models were expected from the Japanese manufacturer, now client's opinion has changed dramatically. Well-known fact, that high-end Lexus cars speak for themselves.

Toyota management principles

Nothing is perfect in this world, the opportunity to do something better exists and will always be.

Even during the first few years, the company has developed basic principles of management, success of which still contributes to the prosperity of the brand. Given the fact that nothing is perfect in this world, the opportunity to do something better exists and will always be. Continuous improvement should be the main goal of a successful entrepreneur.

The creative approach will be appropriate anytime, anywhere. Even if you are dealing with robots.

Team spirit - this is the ground on which a house is to be built. And the more careful and attentive you treat the staff - the better result will be in the end.

Respect is one of the key indicators of a successful company. Toyota respects its customers, is not afraid to take responsibility and is committed to building mutual trust.

Obvious success

In 1990, the company opened its own design center called Tokyo Design Center.

Toyota securities are listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange and NYSE.

In addition, in the 90-th the 90-millionth vehicle was released, dealership agreements with Volkswagen and Audi were concluded, as well as Toyota Training Center was opened in Moscow and the creation of four-cylinder petrol engine with direct fuel injection began.

In 1998, the company acquired a majority interest in Daihatsu, and a year later the 100 millionth Toyota car was released.

Owners and shares

The main owners of the company's shares are The Master Bank of Japan (6.29%), Japan Trustee Services Bank (6.29%), Toyota Industries Corporation (5.81%), 9% - treasury shares.

Toyota securities are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, entering the calculation of TOPIX and Nikkey 225 indices , as well as on the NYSE, New York Stock Exchange, entering the Dow Jones index calculation base.

Today Toyota produces about 6 million vehicles per year. In its team there is a large number of automotive companies, as well as "conjugated" - those that are engaged in another kind of activity.

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