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18.02.2016 | 16:46
Success stories

Guy Kawasaki: his own business jeweler


The success story about a venture capitalist, an American businessman with Japanese roots.

Guy Kawasaki is a venture investor and entrepreneur. Author of several books about steps toward a successful startup. One of the first employees in Apple. It was him who was in charge for marketing the Macintosh in 1984. Also he was the first who applied the principles of evangelism in the product marketing. He was a co-founder of Nononina, that created Truemors, an interactive communications website - its content was created by the users. It is enough to study the experience and success history of the investor!

Genesis of the goal

Kawasaki was the first who applied the principles of evangelism in marketing.

Future management genius was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His family was not rich but it makes all to ensure that Guy and his sister feel good. Mother was a house wife and his father worked as a broker, as a fireman, and also was serving as a member of Senate of Hawaii. After school he entered Stanford University in 1972. After graduation the university he as a bachelor in psychology entered law school at the University of California in Davis in 1976. But he was not able to study this program for a long time, because he realized the law was not his avocation.

Search for Experience

The next year, Guy entered the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of California in Los Angeles. At the same time, he worked in Nova Stylings jewelry company. He was counting the diamonds there. Kawasaki still believes that the main selling skills he acquired in this company, working with Martin Grubert, the CEO of the company. "The jewelry business is very, very hard - much harder than computer one. There I have learned how to sell", - Kawasaki said about his work in the "diamond" sphere.

The period of work for Apple
After several years of hard work in the jewelry business, Guy decided to change the occupation, testing himself in the software field, and joined the company «EduWare Services». But later the company was

"The jewelry business is very, very hard - much harder than computer one", - Kawasaki said.

bought by another company and Kawasaki was called to work for Apple. When he had learned advantages of Macintosh, he started to develop an evangelical approach to it - marketing formula "from mouth to mouth", which works on the principle of word of mouth. The aim of such approach is the development of dependence of the consumers and their belief in the exceptional quality of the product. And the buyer will be adviced to purchase the product to his or her friends and family.

Working as "evangelist" for Apple, Kawasaki spoke at conferences, various events publicly. He also visited them as a listener, watcher, observing potential buyers through usual communication. He tried to create around Apple and its products some discussion - the viral effect.

"...The seller keeps their personal interests in mind - the commission, the sales norms performance, the closure of transactions. Evangelist keeps in mind the personal interests of the other persons: "Try this, because it will help you". Keep in mind this difference, and you will be on the right way", - he said about his approach.

After Apple

After four years of work for Apple, Kawasaki has initiated a new project - ACITUS, which create databases specifically for the Macintosh.

"I have realized that the main idea of "evangelism" is a cool product or service", explains Kawasaki.

Nowadays, Guy is the managing director of the company «Garage Technology Ventures», which specialize in venture capital investments in startups. The investments of the company cover a wide range of technologies and markets, including software, telecommunications and hardware. Garage cooperates with CaseStack, which provide outsourcing service, logistics; with cFares, which search for the cheapest tickets; etc. He is also the author of over a dozen books that have become bestsellers: "How to charm people", "Startup" and others. He explains how to impact on people, how to promote new products and other interesting things in his books.

Evangelism as a personal feature

"I have realized that the main idea of "evangelism" is a cool product or service", explains Kawasaki. Entrepreneur believes each employee of an organization, regardless of occupation, must be its evangelist. In such a case any company will be able to occupy its worthy niche among the competitors, and then to become the leader among them. This is especially important to innovative companies, including startups, which introduce any innovation in the world.

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