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05.11.2016 | 10:19

So, it is war!

StockWorld is investigating the causes, tools, all details and implications of information war in the stock market.

Perhaps, there was no such information activity in the stock market – as by the level of passions, as by the number of tools involved in the process – over all time of the work of StockWorld.com.ua (for two years). There were no such things for all my work in the media related to this market (for almost six years). And I am talking about not only methods and mechanisms, sums and related "actors", but about the scale and the reputation of the regulator, the market and the state.

There was no such information activity in the stock market over all time of the work of StockWorld.com.ua.

Of course, 99% of those who are reading this understand we are talking about the scandal related to the alleged leak of the information from NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) as a regulator for the lawmakers, journalists and other interested parties. And from the topic related to the illegal dissemination of information, the scandal turned into an area of unfair regulatory policy, illegitimate earnings – of both professional participants and ... representatives of the National Commission. Go into the details does not make sense. Obviously, the war has started. We can observe the attacks and defends of each party, and each day the number of participants of the battle becomes more. It is also noteworthy that all the investment community is not only waits the denouement, but they want to know the truth, to know what really happened, to be sure that the data of this market participants and their customers are protected, that the regulator is working for the benefit of the segment, but not for its own interests, cares about the investment attractiveness of the country.

 The purpose of this blog is to declare that StockWorld.com.ua as the main portal on the Ukrainian stock market begins a special project dedicated to reputational aspects, threats and aspects of the collection and storage of information in the stock market. It will be held the journalistic investigation and surveys within it. We have already sent requests to government and law enforcement agencies, lawmakers, experts of domestic and foreign stock market - in order to figure out in the legality of the actions of all parties to the conflict, to clarify all the details, gather as much information and opinions as possible. We intend to not be limited by the space of stockworld.com.ua, but also bring the discussion into reality by organizing public discussions, round tables, inviting there all parties, all participants.

SW begins a special project dedicated to reputational threats, aspects of collection and storage of information.

Our team already checks facts, documents and, of course, we will publish them very soon. In addition to the final result, you'll see not only ready investigation, but also become its witnesses - we will tell how it is going on. Moreover, you can become its members by sending us the information you know, providing us with comments, opinions in any convenient way for you: by e-mail connect@stockworld.com.ua, by using our page in Facebook, by the phone call....

Every day, literally in real time there will be fresh texts on the topic in two languages ​​- Russian and English - on StockWorld.com.ua. Read, join, do not be indifferent!

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