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18.11.2016 | 18:16

#RegulatorCheck: “Deeds, not words”

StockWorld.com.ua launches the project: analysis of declarations and achievements of NSSMC.

… We could quote a thousand and one proverb about importance to avoid disconnection between rhetoric and action, influence of correspondence between said and done, reputation affection by consistency, etc. Is there any use? The reasonability of our revision of declarations and actions of the regulator, NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) requires no proof.

It’s not the first revision project concerning leadership actions in Ukraine. However, it might be the first large-scale project on stock market. Celebration of two year office of Timur and his team in the regulator is coming soon but to our personal mind all the priorities, tasks and even documents (draft laws, regulations) are the same as we saw during the office of ex-Chairman of NSSMC, Dmytro Teveliev. One might say it’s a kind of consistency and stability. It could be truth unless the current Commission continuously declares a la “whole new way of living”.

Only facts will speak instead of editor’s staff of StockWorld.com.ua. during special project #RegulatorCheck.

In order to avoid unsubstantiated statements and assessments through forming one-eyed perception among our readers, we have started a special project #RegulatorCheck. Only facts will speak instead of editor’s staff of StockWorld.com.ua.

What does it mean? It’s a revision, consolidation of all “promises” of the regulator, analysis of its announced and implemented initiatives, examination of its rhetoric and action (without any opinions or assessments!).

What are the areas we have observed a “disbalance” at? These are fight against fictitious issuers and fictitious securities, changes to the listing requirements, active lawmaking and regulatory activities, implementation of new instruments, informational openness and transparency.

Whom will we work with? The best analytics from StockWorld’s team, surely market participants, experts and representatives of professional associations. We hope we will manage to create Expert Council to solve one of the issues.

We invite every stakeholder to join our initiative.

What results do we expect? Tables and graphs, statistics and infographics. In general, only facts.

What’s this for? The answer is predictable and simple but still important. It’s needed for improvement of regulation and further development of the market.

It’s needless to say that we invite every stakeholder to join our initiative. Write us which Commission’s activities should be primarily checked. Tell us about mismatches you’ve noticed by yourself. You might have a wish to support the project and analyze any area by yourself. SW’s e-mail:connect@stockworld.com.ua. You may also connect us via Facebook.

So, let’s start checking? 

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