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About the project

The mainstream web portal about Ukraine’s stock market

The name of StockWorld.com.ua speaks for itself. As the comprehensive word "world", we aspire to cover and deliver all components of professional and informal the stock market’s life: its past and future, its events and trends, its indexes and characteristics and, of course, its faces and its participants.

Our mission is creating of a powerful media tool to develop the stock market and to actualize the initiatives in this direction. We plan it will become a platform to discuss the problems, to promote and protect the interests of the market including issuers of securities.

The objective of the Project is to cover  the stock market in all its forms, all its events and trends, challenges and successes, achievements and failures, its participant’s life - fully and impartially.

Our key principles are objectivity, relevance and exclusivity, simplicity and accessibility of presented information, and the maximal involvement in everything, including the internal processes of the stock market. We want our products - text, visual, analytical - as much as possible to meet the demands of the audience. To achieve this goal we are using understandable and popular formats of presenting information, including infographics, videos and so forth.

StockWorld is focused on the production of informational and analytical reviews, interviews, the coverage of current events in the financial market, especially the stock community events. Stream video technology will allow relocating into the center of events online. Furthermore, in the materials we explain the algorithms and mechanisms of various procedures and processes in the stock market (covering the history of the stock market) to increase financial awareness in Ukraine. The stories about life style of the people significant for stock market, video content and communication with readers are also the important part among our publications.

StockWorld team combined the expertise of several professions: journalists, IT-specialists, PR-specialists and, of course, the experts on the stock market. This alloy will ensure the synergistic effect, which will allow to become the high-quality and interesting media product.

We are ready to provide an opportunity to express the views for representatives of different points of view, are open to cooperate with the authors, market’s participants and experts who share our values ​​and principles.

But these things are not all! StockWorld project will go beyond online media! We are ready to become the central communication platform of our market, putting all efforts and ideas into the development of "stock world" in Ukraine!